Business Trends Found In the Agriculture Industry

Just like every industry, those who work in agriculture are subjected to trend changes as they adapt to the current wants and needs of their customers. These alterations affect the options that you will find at the grocery store and how it affects the planet as a whole. Here are a few of the ideas that are trending in this arena.

Keeping Food Local

Consumers are more conscious about what they are eating and where it comes from. There is a concern about what is being added to their food and how it will affect their health. Due to these opinions, those who work in agriculture need to think of how to change their production to reflect this trend. One option is to change all produce coming from a farm or orchard into organic, meaning that all that is grown on the land is free from pesticide treatments. It would also be developed naturally instead of being genetically modified. If a farm raises cattle or hogs instead, they could be fed grass instead of commercial feed and allowed to roam. Another option someone in agriculture has is to reach out to their local supermarket and make arrangements to sell there. Customers look for local options as well as organic and grass fed when they do their shopping.

Working With the Environment

Customers are aware of what is happening to the world around them and are interested in finding ways to be environmentally friendly. This can apply to the food they eat as well. They want to know how the agriculture industry is helping nature with the way they grow produce and raise their animals. Doing away with pesticides keeps the wildlife around the area safe from what they may contain as well as prevents the chemicals from seeping into lakes, rivers, ponds, and other sources of drinking water. Moving away from commercial and industrial ways of farming back to the way it was done decades ago seems to be the method consumers prefer.

Back To the Small Farm

Factory farms owned by large corporations have taken up much of agriculture in the last few years. However, today’s consumer leans more towards making their purchases from locally owned, private farms because they believe that the animals there are treated humanely and crops are grown naturally. This new trend is breathing new life into the rural family farm and revitalizing this area by sending new business to them.


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